Loving in Ecstatic Union Program | Ecstatic Intimacy
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Loving in Ecstatic Union Program

Live, love and make love on the spiritual path of relationship
Masculine Presence in Bed

On Step 3… your journey into Ecstatic Intimacy deepens with the …

Loving in Ecstatic Union Program

Live, love and make love on the Spiritual path of relationship

There is no greater spiritual teacher, no deeper calling to intimacy, no more powerful invitation into the realms of Ecstatic Ecstasy™ and beyond than intimate loving and sexual relationships.


We are never more exposed to our own authentic and divine nature, as well as the “shadow” we try to hide… than in partnership with another, and we don’t even have to take our clothes off for this to be true.


Yet, when the clothes come off and the bodies unite, we are invited deeper into the most sacred of all love.


Relationship, for some, becomes a divine path of personal growth and spiritual awakening. This intimate and powerful program for singles and couples walks with you on your own personal spiritual journey of love, supporting you to experience the deepest realms of ecstatic love.

In other words, this program invites you into divine union of body, soul, and spirit where you are driven wild with pleasure and the flames of love burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

WorkshopsIs the heat of love, awakening and ecstasy arising in you? Does the thought of this depth of intense soulful love and pleasure terrify you even a little? You’re not alone. If something is calling you deeper…


Register for a…

Ecstatic Intimacy Breakthrough Session where you can meet privately 1-1 with me, Joanna Shakti, over the phone to discover what the best next steps are for you on your journey of Soul Love™.

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