LGBTQ on the path of Soul Love | LGBTQ Relationship Coaching
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LGBTQ on the path of Soul Love

Igniting Soul-to-Soul Loving

Too many relationships, straight or gay, end in heartbreak… too many people, no matter the gender, settle for so-so relationships… too many give up on love all together…


And, I’ll be honest right up front… I am a straight feminine woman.


Here’s what I can share with you about my personal and professional path of love….

Loving is a Sacred Experience

It’s a privilege to share intimate space with another


Relationship is my spiritual path


My dates and partners have been my biggest teachers on my personal growth journey


I love love


I find the polarity of divine masculine and feminine hot


I am highly sensual and find it a sacred experience


I love the practice of sacred sexuality


Every once in a while, over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege to support a gay man or lesbian woman in their journey of sacred loving.


I’ve found just about everything I teach and mentor on to “fit”. The body mechanics are different. Some of the dating scenes are different. The “content” of upsets can be different. There are lots of differences… and there are LOTS of similarities, especially when we bring a sacred Soul Love™ perspective to life, love and lovemaking.


I invite you to check out the men’s, women’s, single’s and couple’s pages. You’ll find in my writing that I “speak” men and women, it’s not unconscious. It’s because most of my clients are straight feminine women and straight masculine men, so I write to my most common client. And, I welcome the honor to work with people of all orientations and genders.


As you read, most of the time you can translate men to masculine and women to feminine, because it’s usually the energies that create the spark of passion and the fire of conflict.


As you get to know me, what you’ll discover is that with each and every man or woman I work with, no matter the energy, gender, orientation, nationality, religion… I meet them exactly where they are. I don’t assume to know their journey, but I’m committed to supporting each person to find their “ecstatic authenticity” in love and life… to always be their genuine self… and to live and love ONLY from that authentic sacred expression of YOU.


That’s where ecstatic intimacy and ecstasy are born… and that’s the beginning of the journey of Soul Love.

WorkshopsIf you’d like to get to know me and how I might support you on your journey of Soul Love then please…


Register for a…

Ecstatic Intimacy Breakthrough Session where you can meet privately 1-1 with me, Joanna Shakti, over the phone to discover what the best next steps are for you on your journey of Soul Love™.

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