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Watch the “Find & Keep Soul Love” Webinar this Week!

Find & Keep Webinar Replay


Please give me access to the 4-part Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit! I want to have a Soul Love relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy. 

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Couples Kit
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Welcome Heart-Centered Singles and Couples…

Would you enjoy having more pleasure in your life… in bed and out?

I’m Joanna Shakti, the Sacred Intimacy Mentor, and I inspire men and women who hunger for deeper love and intimate pleasure… to find and create relationships that are an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

What if your every moment… your every experience… your every connection… was filled with sacred sensual ecstasy?

What if…?

Not sure how to get started?

Have you downloaded my Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit yet? I have one for singles and one for couples

If your heart is beating a bit faster… if you’ve had a glimpse of hope… if maybe, just maybe, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for…

Then I look forward to serving you…

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

“I feel a deep calling in my soul… to inspire passion, unity and bliss in life and love… to be an expression of the fully embodied feminine in her beauty, her sensuality, her sexuality, her power and her grace… to inspire, honor, and celebrate the awakened masculine in his deep presence, his penetrative power, his intense sexuality, and deep consciousness… to be a messenger for awakened sensuality and sexuality.”  —Joanna Shakti

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I really had some great insights come into play for me. It was an incredible weekend. I was able to work on stuff from my childhood that may have been holding me back. Really great realizations with watching people make major breakthroughs that have been holding them back for my guess is years.. 10, 20, 30 years for sure. This was an amazing workshop.

G.B. January 11, 2017

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